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Your Privacy Is Important To Us

The privacy statement outlined below explains what personal data Pixalere collects from you, and how that data is used.   We at Pixalere are devoted to protecting your confidentiality.   We’re committed to protecting your personal health information by following requirements outlined in Personal Health Information Protection Act, Personal Information Protection & Electronic Documents Act and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.

We ensure all health care information, which may be linked to identifying a person, remains confidential.   Personal health information includes any information which can identify a patient to their health care services.   This includes:

All clinical information collected in support of the treatment of the patient through Pixalere will be disclosed only to authorized individuals who are required to view the information, in order to provide the best quality of care possible.   Pixalere is committed to safely collecting, maintaining, disclosing, securing and destroying patient health information.

For more information on Pixalere’s privacy policies and procedures or to raise concerns regarding the collection, use, disclosure, or security of your personal health information, please contact our Company Privacy Officer Jennifer Jackson at 604-217-0333.