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Patient Engagement

Through standardization of wound care protocols and best practices BedSide and WoundManager help clinicians deliver the best wound care treatment possible. With a better way to diagnose, monitor and manage treatment of wounds, patients have a better chance of healing faster and avoiding unnecessary discomfort during treatment. 

And because the software is cloud-based and nurses can access their treatment information from anywhere, patients receive high quality care without having to leave their homes.

Our powerful wound care management tools ensure all patients are treated with the same education and support, and automated alerts can be set up to notify nurses when certain treatment parameters are not met. This enables early detection of patient deterioration, and ultimately faster healing.

Greater Peace of Mind

BedSide not only helps clinicians deliver better care, but it also keeps patients and their families informed of treatment progress so they’re never left in the dark. Many nurses find that patients who are able to see their progress are more likely to be on board with their treatment plan. Patients can also rest easy knowing they have direct access to their preferred wound care specialist through the integrated referral system.

Patient Education and Self Management

Client and caregiver education is an essential part of wound management. Therefore education needs to be relevant, simple and complete in an attempt to support clients to achieve their highest level of functioning.

  • Integrated wound and medical terminology promotes patients to seek answers to their questions, allowing them to become a partner in the healing process

  • Patients and their families are a part of the healing process - The interactive interface in BedSide provides a simple method for caregivers to review the assessments and engage the patient and family to be part of the goals of treatment

  • The ability to see their wound pictures promotes treatment compliance and increased wound healing

  • Rapid dissemination of new education and practice updates to all applicable clinical pathways ensuring that only the latest Best Practices are encouraged

  • Patients are able to view their care plans and treatment plans and care providers can update these remotely ensuring only the latest recommendations are utilized

  • Part of BedSide software is a 60-Second Diabetic Foot Assessment that is completed by the caregiver - however, patients are now taught the principles and techniques of the 60-second Diabetic Foot Assessment to self-monitor their feet and identify areas of concern and access specialists as needed