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Wound Care Nurse Benefits

Pixalere simplifies treatment management for the wound care nurse, helping them deliver better patient care while reducing administrative costs.

Greater Efficiency
With a cloud-based Wound Care Management System, nurses can access vital information from any desktop or mobile internet connection, improving efficiency and ultimately saving time that can be redirected toward delivering better care. Nurses can populate data from previous assessments to save charting time, and set up automatic notifications if the patient’s condition deteriorates.

Higher Quality Care
With Pixalere’s up-to-the-minute information about the patient’s condition, healing times are improved and complications like infections, hospitalization and amputation can be avoided. This also results in additional savings in treatment time and product costs.

Better Patient Relations
Pixalere’s interactive educational tools help nurses keep patients informed of their progress, which can give them the confidence to become active participants in their treatment.

Thorough Support
Pixalere offers unlimited online training for nurses, plus 24/7 support should they need it, giving them peace of mind and further improving the quality of wound care nursing delivered.